His Attitude Is Putting Me Off.


Good morning Aunty Abena. Please hide my identity. Aunty, I have been dating this guy for the past 3years now. He has come home with his family for the knocking rites.

This guy has been doing friends friends, chasing women, drinking and also lying as well. I have told him to stop drinking and stuff but still…..
He is the one taking care of me in the tertiary tho. As at now I’m pregnant for him but no one in his family is aware. Anytime he comes around me I feel bad because of his behaviour.

The last time, he complained about why I am always quiet when he comes to me. And also me not allowing him to touch me.

He can’t satisfy me in bed unless he drinks something before he can even last for some minutes and at the same time he smells bad too when he takes in those drinks. Last night I called him around 8:30pm and he told me he was sleeping. Later on, something told me he is lying so I went to his place and he wasn’t there.

I called him like 30 times no answer; so I waited forlike 5 hours before he came and he was drunk too. I told him to give me his phone. He refused to do it but later on he gave it to me. I found out how he has been calling others girls but i kept quiet and he was like bare you didn’t see anything?

But he deleted their chats before giving me his phone. Aunty this guy is killing me slowly. I don’t know what to do and he hates to tell his family about what he has been doing. I can’t also inform anyone too. I have lost my mum and dad as well. Please help me out, what should I do now?

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