He’s Threatening to Kill Me for Killing His Babies

Good morning aunty hope u are good and the family too?

Auntie have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for one and half years now, I have two kid’s already before I met this guy and he accepted them. He even takes care of them because am a single mother. I have done abortion for him 3 times although he was fighting with me to keep it but my twins are small they are just 1and half.

So months ago I keep seeing this number call more often saved as Mr Opoku so I asked him who is this man who use to call u even at midnight and he told me he is a family member but aunty I was not feeling well on this.

To cut everything shot I called this number and it was a female and I asked her if she has anything doing with my man she was like am his sweet pregnant fish.

I was broken and didn’t no what to say on the phone now I want to end the relationship but he says if I try he will kill me because I made him do this.

Please mum I need advice on this please post it let the family help me out because he have done all the right on the gal please help me

Written by Abena Magis

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