He’s Refusing to Pick My Calls


I met my man through my best friend on her wedding day because they’re related. We started dating after about 6 months. Since I’m close to his family most of his family knows we’re going out and we have been together for the past 2 years.

My best friend’s uncle died some months ago and I had to go to the funeral since I am close to the family. My boyfriend’s ex stays close to my best friend’s house so she was around. He came to the funeral on Friday without seeing his ex, he saw her on Sunday.

I saw serving when my best friend came to call me to see something only to see my man talking to his ex at one corner, I clearly saw them but went back to serve. Then she came again to call me again to look at two, they had gone to a place where no one could see them because he realized that his cousin (my best friend) had seen them.

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I became angry and told his kid sister to go and tell her brother that I hate what he’s doing. He went back to his seat after some minutes then I saw him walking to the junction. 2 minutes later I saw the lady also walking towards that same junction. After 40 minutes, I called him to ask where he was and he said he’s buying a drink and I told him to come back.

A few minutes, I saw his ex coming back from the junction, less than 2 minutes he also came back. This made me mad and I went to take my bag. His aunty saw me and asked if I was going home and I said yes. That was when he got to know I was going home.

He followed me with his car and said I should sit in the car so he alights me at the junction and I said no, I would walk so he moved his car. I got home and called him 10 times, he didn’t pick up, I sent him a message which he hasn’t replied till date.

I love him but I feel he’s cheating on me with his ex. I don’t want to lose him too.
What should I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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