He’s Refusing to Get Tested


I have been married for the past ten years without a child. I have been the one going in and out of the hospital. I did HSG x-ray and pelvic scan recently and it came out that one tube is almost getting blocked but one is fine. Fibroids have also been detected but my doctor mentioned I can still conceive.

My husband has however refused to go to the hospital for a semen analysis ever since we got married. He is always claiming he impregnated all his ex girlfriends but they all aborted it. I will be 34 years next year March and he is 54 years.

After my last doctor’s appointment and the hope he gave me, I asked him for a divorce and he said I am free to go! The following day I started packing my stuffs and he begged me to stay and gave me assurance and 1 week for him to proceed to the hospital for his fertility evaluation.

Dear auntie Abena and Manofans it’s been a month two weeks and all he keeps saying is he doesn’t have the money to go. NB I have been the one taking care of my hospital bills and everything all these years.

Now my problem is what should I do???????? so scared of walking out due to dear of the unknown. Will I be able to find someone who will truly love and cherish me? I am too fragile.

Please help a confused fellow!

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I think you should try tightening his nults. Tell him you will cater for the bills and listen to his comments.
    Note: Do this when you are ready to sort the bill if he accepts

  2. My dear, do not worry yourself so much. It’s very clear that he doesn’t need any children yet. Go to Ruma fertity and specialist hospital and your trouble will be a thing of the past wai. I wish you good luck

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