He’s Offended I Asked About My Own Money


Please I need urgent advice on this issue. For some weeks, my boyfriend kept complaining that he needed GHS1200gh to start a business. Just within last week I was able to raise GHS1000 for him and told him to look for GHS200 to add up and start the business. Before that, he told me it’s a friend of his that was going to link him up with the brother for that business.

The day after I gave him the money, I asked him if he had been able to talk to his friend, he told me to relax which is wait that he has. I didn’t here anything from him so on the third day I asked him again if he had been able to speak with his friend. He got irritated and started accusing me of giving him too pressure. That do I think he would be making thousands out of that business? That why I am still asking him if he has spoken to his friend for the business?

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Seriously I felt bad and I asked myself what did I do or say wrong? Did I do any wrong by wanting to know if he had been able to talk to his friend and if the business had started? I confronted him today about how he spoke to me only for him to tell me he rather feels offended. He says I asked him that because I was the one who gave him the money so I think I feel entitled to know everything about the business. He said he would give the money back to me.

That I am asking him that because I feel we’re on the same shoulders/level or I’m being bossy. Please I need opinions or advice on this, please did I do or say anything wrong?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Simply put, your guy is being suspicious, hence, his change in behavior. It’s likely he didn’t need the money for any business. By the way, I won’t be surprised if u didn’t find out the kind of business he was going to do. Don’t expect that he would pay the money back.

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