He’s Mad Over a Gallon of Water


My boyfriend started a mute mode for about two weeks before Valentine’s Day. He however started communicating 3 days to Valentine’s day via texts and video call. Then he asked, “what we are doing on this Val’s day?” I replied, “it depends on what you want to do.”

Later on, we made an arrangement for me to visit him. I reached his place on Val’s day evening and he welcomed me very well, then we made out. On Tuesday, he asked me to do his laundry and to also fetch some water for him. I went to fetch water for the washing and took along with me two of his gallons to fetch extra more.

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Because of the washing I had to leave the two gallons there at the public pipe. Besides the gallons were too heavy for me so I made him aware later in the day that when he closes and returns, both of us can go and bring the gallons of water. But he came home and started giving me attitude. When I asked him why he’s behaving that way aah, he said as a woman I should know that I’m the one who has to take care of the house whiles the man goes out to work. Meaning I shouldn’t have waited for him to come back for us to go for the gallons of water.

There norr he started comparing me to his younger sisters and also told me that I’m not ready for marriage! I just want manofans to tell me if what I did was wrong. I’m just his girlfriend and not yet his wife but each time I visit I cook, clean, wash and then we have sex on top no matter how exhausted I am. This time I’ve asked him to help me carry one gallon of water while I carry the other one kɛkɛ nanso yese mensoo awareɛ (but I’m being told that I’m not ready for marriage). Hmmmm. ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Some of the stories I read here are interesting and this is certainly not an exception. As a man, I don’t see anything wrong with u asking him to help. After all, he is a man and more muscular than u

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