He’s Leaving Me Because Of A Misunderstanding.


Good morning Auntie Abena, Good morning dear audience.  Anuanom yɛagyae me bio o ??? aane yɛagyae me?.

Anuanom, I got a doctor friend through my cousin who’s also a medical doctor . All this while our friendship has been a long-distance one  because he wasn’t in the country.  He had to help me with my processes to also travel but he couldn’t finish it because he wasn’t around so he made his junior brother come in to help me with it.

We clicked along the line because he would ask how I was faring, sometimes comment on my status and I also messaged him sometimes so that he would be fast with my processes. He also got to see my mom when she made payment of the processes to him (his junior brother). My mom is very paranoid so he had to calm her down that I was going to be safe. (she said guys were going to worry me.)? so we actually got something to discuss most at times. Let me use “A” for his Senior brother and “B” for the junior.

A came to Ghana last week Saturday to see his family and also to leave with me. I even posted A and B was like finally sɛ w’ani agye sɛ waba (I’m happy that he’s here). I had to present some documents at 2pm and I had morning till 2pm and he asked me to come around since we hadn’t even seen each other before.

I got to Accra very early because I took the night bus from Kumasi. I got to his place and we were happy seeing each other (lol bibiara ansi wai ,one thing didn’t lead to the other?) B knew about this because I was going to be at his initially. We (A and me) met B at the Embassy because he had my documents . A went to the bank. B and Me decided to go eat. Afterwards,  A came there later but didn’t eat anything.

  B and Me were talking and laughing over a guy who helped me just to get my attention but A was just quiet so I thought he was probably thinking about something. My dad came for me later and A also went to his hometown. B left the next day.

Now to the main issue. ? I messaged A telling him I had missed him and he was like (sɛsɛɛ I’m saying same to B) and I was like naa then later that day I asked A whether B had arrived because he told me about his journey but he wasn’t online for me to ask him about it. That was all o anuanom, then A started saying a whole lot of stuff of me manipulating both and and putting thoughts in their mind. 

In fact I was lost because that wasn’t my intention. I told him B was my gossip partner and even showed him some of our chats but this gentleman wouldn’t even listen to me (maybe he still had doubts because B is actually a very quiet person so he doesn’t understand why we could easily get along.) A started saying that he disconnected himself from me the very moment he realised we were that close and that I can’t eat my cake and have it back because I’ll lose one or both.

So yes, I should choose B over him, he will keep his distance and bla bla bla. He said a whole lot which didn’t sound right to me audience ?. He doesn’t understand why B will tell me the time he’s setting off and others and I told him (A) I can’t ignore B because he has also been of help to me.  Chairman (A) bore and he said I should “keep keeping on” with B. The funny thing is B is aware A likes me and he hasn’t crossed his boundaries honestly.

Family, A said he can’t continue to build a relationship with me and tell me his plans knowing that I talk to his brother ( he even said I talk to B more than him, which isn’t true)??. I thought he would cool off today because we’ve had a minor argument and he came to say sorry the following day but wei deɛ Chairman bo afu ankasa( he’s bored).

I even used him as my DP and he said I don’t have to anuanom ??. I can’t reason with A family ?. Please advise a sister ??

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