He’s Changed His Mind About the Baby


This story is about a friend of mine! ????????She’s been in a relationship with a guy for over a year. She’s 28! Everything seemed rosy and perfect. I personally admired the maturity of the guy due to some of the things I saw him do for my friend. The guy is Muslim and my friend a Christian from a strict home but, she’s willing to let go of her religious affiliation to be with him because she really loves him.

Just last month, she found out she’s pregnant. She was happy because of the faith she had in her guy. Prior to the pregnancy, he always assured her of being ready for a child since he’s aging. He told her countless times to desist from using contraceptives because he can cater for a child. I have personally been a witness to hearing him claiming to wanting a child with her.

Unfortunately for my friend, has a toxic mother who doesn’t care about her at all so all her hopes were buried in the guy. She’s never cheated or insulted him in any way. This guy claims all his friends are happy to see him happy because of my friend. When she broke the news of her pregnancy to him, he accepted it at first. Then after a day or two, he changed his mind.

Now he claims he doesn’t have the funds to raise a child (which is a lie) And that he doesn’t know how his parents will take it. This is the same person claiming his mother wants a grandchild. He insists my friend should either have an abortion or leave him alone. This is a 34 year old man with a government job, a car and his own apartment.

Auntie Abena, my friend is completely heartbroken. She’s helpless right now. She’s informed her father who thinks the guy is handling her well because he’s not in Accra. My friend says she’ll never ever abort her child irrespective of what happens but he’s completely stopped calling her because of that.

She’s planning a lot of evil things for him but I have told her to relax. She doesn’t have a stable job to even support herself. I’m the only one consoling her right now. All she needs is a good paying job to support herself and the baby if the worst happens but there’s no hope now. Kindly share this so your honorable fans can give us suggestions. ????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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