He’s Calling Me Selfish Because I Didn’t Give Him Money

Auntie Abena Good evening, please I need advice. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years now. Last year, he went outside to continue his education but before he left he had problems financial because they closed down the boarders.

Fast forward, he asked me to lend him 5000 cedis for his flight because the previous flight ticket wasn’t valid and he had to add up extra cash to get a new ticket. Hmmm, the issue here is I’m a University student and the only money I had in my account was 5000 cedis. I told him I can’t afford to give him all the money in my account so he reduced it to 1000 cedis but I didn’t believe he was broke because he is always hiding his finances from me but I always tell him mine.

Later in the day I told him I will give him the money but on the condition that he introduce me to a relative or someone I can trust because of my past experience I had. Hmmm, my boyfriend told me he won’t do that. I should forget about it, so I also took as a joke.

Now he is telling me I’m selfish and stingy.
Do you think he has found someone else abroad that is why he is acting like that?

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Written by Abena Magis

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