He’s Broken Up with Her over Politics



Please post this for me. My friend and I need advice.

My friend’s boyfriend is breaking up with her because she’s jubilating. She’s not sad about the break up because she’s still jubilating.

The whole is that, I was with her when he came to visit her. He saw her in her Npp t-shirt and kicks and got angry seeing this. Myself and my friend in a teasing manner followed him not knowing he was really angry.

He has sent losts of messages saying it’s over but my friend seems not to care now. Her phone is with me now, and the messages is coming in plenty. I don’t know what to do..
Please I need a pre-advice before she comes. They were planning on getting married next year before this happemed4.

She doesn’t know the guy is dead serious, cause there are insults in this texts I’m viewing. I need help now.

Part 2

Auntie Abena, my friend and I thank you very much and mano fam too. We haven’t slept today though, after the jubilation was over, my friend came to meet her surprise break up. We tried calling him but he didn’t pick up.

We’ve heard and taken all what you’ve said. Those saying I was gossiping no, don’t you know pop up messages? The phone had lock on it which I don’t know, but the messages was popping up. They were popping ohh. I read them though it was locked.

My friend is trying to get some sleep after hours of crying but I just hope she gets over it. She was glued to my phone reading all the advices and I know she has taken them. We thank you very much and we are much grateful. Keep the good work , God bless you ????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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