He’s Blackmailing Her for Stealing


I’m in a state of confusion that I don’t know what to do.

My woman and I have been together for 6 years now. She already had a son, when I met her. My family was against me dating a lady who had a child. Though we faced diffulties in the beginning because of their protests, I never gave up on her no matter what they had to say or do. It got to a time, my family had no option than to accept my wish. We had wonderful moments together and they all loved her.

We had been waiting for the perfect time to tie the knot until June 2019 when she got the opportunity to travel to an African country to work. She couldn’t go with her son so I offered to have him cared for by my family. She agreed and he has been there till now.

When she was travelling, she made arrangements to stay with her dad’s friend who was living there. When she started working she was able to get her own rented apartment and moved out. In the mist of COVID-19 she lost her job, and had to stay home. She couldn’t afford to pay her rent anymore, so the man invited her to go back and stay with him.

He really made her feel comfortable and gave her all what she had wanted, because her dad did him good back in Ghana. So in a way he was repaying the good he had received. She once asked him money to start a business back here in Ghana but he declined to it.

All this while he knew she had a serious boyfriend back home that she was planning to tie the knot with once she returned home. She even gave him her passport for safe keeping because burglars broke into her apartment when she was renting. Some months ago, she got a part time job, but was still staying with this man.

An unfortunate incident happened, she stole his money. He asked her and she admitted that she took it because she needed it but he didn’t want to give her when she asked him. She tried to return the money but to her surprise, he asked her to hold it towards him and, took pictures of it. Afterwards, he refused to take the money back afterwards.

Now, he is using this incident against her by demanding sex. He’s blackmailing her that she has to get pregnant and give birth for him else he will report her to the police for theft.

Back in Ghana, both of our families are aware of our intention to get married. Now this man has become a standing block. No one is aware of the situation except myself. She has to return this January but he is refusing to hand in her passport because his demands has not been met.

I’m in a tight corner, unable to tell my family or hers. She can’t also tell anyone, because of the seriousness of the situation. We have been trying all ways and means so that she can escape and get back to Ghana but it could become a police case and make things worse.

Six years of love life, four years of it was spent fighting family battles and we overcame it all, now this man is blackmailing her with his conditions. Hmmmm we don’t know what to do.

Kindly help us with some words of advice and how to escape this.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Then the girl should go and report everything to the police herself. And guys should inform the girls parents about the situation.. Else your wife to be will be up there forever since he will be blackmailing her ooo.

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