He’s Afraid The Truth Will Give Him a Heart Attack.


Kindly post me anonymous, I will be reading comments. It took me hours, days, weeks maybe months to finally write this.

Somewhere November last year I met this lady at a campaign grounds, she mentioned my name (she knew me on Facebook ) but I was a little busy so I couldn’t engage her. Later, I looked for her and we spoke and exchanged contacts. We were just viewing status, till ending of the year when I posted “if you know you love me say it now, I don’t want any hmm hmm under my wedding post” and she replied “I’m here ???” but I ignored the laughing emojis and I focused on the I’m here. To cut the long story short, we started talking and getting to know each other.

She seemed so perfect I told her a couple of times she was a dream come true. Then I wanted us to start a relationship. Initially, I wasn’t looking for a relationship because I had just come out of one. But I couldn’t wait to be with this beautiful lady. So when I wanted us to start a relationship, she said she had some other guys too asking her out. She said she was yet to decide but I shouldn’t give up; that we’re all special one way or the other but there’s something special about me that makes her want to talk to me every time she picks up her phone…

When I started posting her pictures, people in her area since we were both in the same political party started telling me she has an affair with someone who is a political leader in their area. I asked indirectly about 3 different occasions and she denied it, so this faithful day she asked me to come around. At almost 10pm, we were outside talking and discussing business when this car was passing. Then she shouted, “you I called you” then the car parked then I asked is this not so so and so?? (The political leader people told me about ) and she said yes then I was like he has parked go and talk to him she said no he should come and I insisted since that’s her boss and she worked with him directly she should go and talk to him…

She went, came back and said she wants to go and escort me and it was 12am oooh. Her boss wanted to discuss something with her. Then I told her to go and discuss whatever it is with him. I will be waiting. By then I was ordering Bolt, she came back again. This was the second time that she said she should see me off. I said no she should go and be with him I’m cool. Then she said “why are you two acting like this?” I insisted she go and talk to him while I was waiting for my bolt driver.

She went and the next thing I could hear was my girlfriend tell him “I’m a business partner and we were only discussing business.” I came back home very heart broken, the incident happened around 12am, almost 2am that was the time she texted “I’m sorry” on 3 of my WhatsApp. I ignored it. The following day, she came around looking sad begging and crying. she involved her siblings and mother to even apologize on her behalf, and she decided to open up. She then told me they dated for sometime and they’re no longer dating it’s strictly business…

I forgave her we moved on, another time she visited and almost 11pm this man called. I asked her to answer and she did. Clearly, you could see something was still going on between them. After he hanged up she intentionally said I’m with my boyfriend and she mentioned my name, and I got angry that she was taking me for a fool. I asked her to leave my place, she pleaded and I over looked then a call was coming through again it came through 3 good times so I decided to check her phone and it was an unknown number.

A message then came through and it read “I can see I’m not the only one in your life, enjoy your night” it was from this same political leader. She even swore on her sick brother’s life telling the man she hasn’t cheated on him. I sacked her from my place that very evening. The following day or two she came back begging and what have you but we moved on again.
My problem now is I can’t trust her, even when she says “good morning” I have to check the time before responding.
She’s doing everything to make me look good in the sight of her family. And she’s always der for me.

This morning we were talking about the past again, because I don’t trust her and she told me she still entertains her exes and even goes out to eat with some but it doesn’t mean she’s cheating. That she has her limits. She’s my woman and I know her, she’s easily turned on…
Now, she said she’s traveling with her mother to their hometown. She made her mother call me this morning so I trust her. But I think she’s lying. love her so much but this insecurity is killing me.She doesn’t see anything wrong with her actions, she will always justify her wrongs.

Sometimes, she can spend all her time on Facebook and not text too. Sometimes too she comes to my place around 11pm and she will put her phone on airplane mode with the excuse her mother will call, but it’s obvious she’s lying. Everytime, she wants things done her way. Sometimes I feel because she’s older than me, well educated than I’m etc….
It’s not that am not doing anything for her, I go the extra mile for her, few days ago I bought a piece of land and used her name on it. She doesn’t even know this, like every decision I take, I make sure it will be in her favor. I’m actually doing so much for her low key but hmmm….

I don’t know if I should walk out of this relationship or I should still be in it. She’s my type of woman too: hardworking, dresses decently etc..
I want to give up. I’m dying within. I can just wake up at midnight and start thinking of tapping into her phone but then something tells me I might even die of heart attack. Then I go back to sleep…
Please kindly help a dying brother.

(Kindly forgive me if I have made mistakes am not myself)

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