Her Plan Has Backfired.


Hi , I had an experience and want to ask your fans how I should go about it. I introduced my fiancée to my brother and his wife while we were preparing to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

Everything went well and we came back, that’s me and my fiancée. And she asked to tell me something disturbing her. So I told her to go on. To my surprise, my brother’s wife told her a lot about my past concerning women I’ve dated.

But the shocking aspect is the advice she gave my fiancée. Which is for her to boil eggs with her urine for me so I wont go after another and love her alone. And she’s been begging me since not to ask her or tell my brother about it.

This is because it might affect their marriage and I don’t doubt my fiancée because other things she said shows someone told her those things about me.

What should I do and I want to remain anonymous pls.

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