Her Indian Employers Haven’t Treated Her Fairly

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Dear Auntie Abena,

I trust you are doing well by grace of God please. I am doing this on a friend’s behalf. Please forgive me for the long write up. She really needs help on a labour issue.

“Please auntie, I know that you are not National Labour Commission nor The Law Court but I am convinced that you can help me get justice or connect me to people who can help me through your followers here.

I am young lady with degree in human resources. I have been sacked from my job. The reason my employer gave me was that because of COVID-19, my services will no longer be needed due to financial burden on the company. But to my surprise, the same company that said they do need my services and for that reason cannot pay me, was able to hire another person just to replace me at the same time for same work.

The sad part is I have worked with this company for 9 good years of human service. I was given 3 months salary and asked to leave. I felt cheated and insulted so I made a report to the National Labour Commission HQ.

When my former employer realized that I have a reported at appropriate authority to fight for my right, they started to contacting me to sign some documents which I refused.

Fast forward, the sad part is that I do not know if money has exchanged hands between my employer and the NLC reps. This is because anytime we are to meet and reach a resolution, my employer will refuse to honour the invite but give excuses. Surprisingly those excuses will be known to the NLC but not to me. Because of the job lose and COVID-19, I had to relocate to Kumasi where my family is because my rent was also almost due. I travel all the way to Accra anytime we are to meet at NLC only to be told that it has been rescheduled.

I feel not being treated well and it’s intentional to frustrate my effort. My former Indian employers sometime said the laws in Ghana don’t work. It has made me believe because of our own people helping them treat fellow Ghanaians this way.

When finally my employer came to the NLC, they said they can only compensate me with GHS2500, after having worked for 9yrs. I rejected the offer. I am sure the agenda is to frustrate me so I give up. If I let go, which of my fellow young man or lady become a victim next.
My Name is Angie. Please help a sister, a niece and a daughter.” ??

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Written by Abena Magis

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