Her Husband Doesn’t Know I’m Here


I’m dead. I’m so dead. My woman’s husband came home yesterday as a surprise. He came from overseas without telling her, I didn’t know she was married auntie.

She only told me of her boyfriend in Canada who doesn’t respect her nor take care of her. Also, he’s told her he’ll never take his wife to stay permanently overseas because of how most Ghanaian women treat their husbands after they’re taken there and they get their papers. Because of that, she thinks he’s only with her because of the sex he gets when he comes down.

They hardly talk on phone, just chatting so I decided to give her some time to break things off with him because I genuinely love her. She’s finished uni and currently looking for a job but stays on her own. She told me when we met that her father rented for her and provided everything for her so she’ll never beg any guy for favors.

I came to Accra on Sunday and visited her with the plan to leave for Sehwi on Tuesday and go back to Volta yesterday. But she told me to wait till tomorrow so that she goes with me tomorrow to meet my parents. I made them talk to her and they are ready to welcome her tomorrow.

We were in bed yesterday around 11 in the evening when a strange number called her. I thought she won’t pick but the way she jumped up from the bed shocked me. She then shouted, “my husband has come.”

“Husband? What are you talking about?” I was babbling because auntie Abena I was damn shocked. Husband? She wasn’t answering any questions and kept begging me to hide. She then pushed me out of the room to move to the guest room and begged me to stay there.

I was here when I heard the husband’s car arrive and she went to meet this man and was kissing him. I heard sounds from the living room and decided to just enter the bathroom in case the man will hear me breathing. I was hiding like a thief oh auntie. Don’t laugh.

Past 3am before she came with the rest of my clothes and things in a bag. She grabbed and put them in the wardrobe and waited till he fell asleep. The bad news is it’s a 3 bedroom apartment and her husband came there with his 2 brothers.

She convinced them to stay in the second bedroom instead of one in each room because she said the lock to this door isn’t working and the carpenter said he’ll come on Saturday. But the guys brought games and were playing in the hall.

There’s burglar proof inside the windows so I can’t go out. She brought me some water, drinks and pizza but I’m damn hungry. She cooked this morning but didn’t bring me some. She told me they’ll be going out later today but what if they don’t go because the man is saying he wants to rest today and start doing his rounds from tomorrow.

I need ideas on how to leave because this girl is just as confused as I am. I can’t chat her because he’s using her phone for calls. I need so many answers but she’s not ready to tell me. I feel cheated that she lied to me but my safety now is my problem. I’m a short guy and the man I saw in the window is very tall. His brothers too.

I know I’ll get insults but please attach advice too. Matters of the heart. Nobody sent me ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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