Her Father Doesn’t Like Me For No Reason


Dear Abena Manokekame. I greet you and your august house for the dumbfounding work you’ve been doing.Please keep my identity secured.

I have been in a relationship with a lady for more than 2 years and it started when I had the chance to render my service to the nation as a national service personnel. I met this beautiful, cute lady and it first happened as friends and gradually it ended up in a relationship. From the onset of our relationship, her dad came in with a caution; ” I’ve been hearing that our daughter is going out with a service personnel who does not even greet when he sees people and has also brought his dad’s car to this place which has made him more arrogant” whiles narrating this to her wife ( my lady’s mother).

Dear Aunty, per what my gf’s father is saying is out of context and it does not even exist. I’m always an indoor type, I go to work and come back home peacefully. No colleague friends, personal friends or whatsoever. This lady has been my everything from then.

Gradually the matter was boiling from her dad’s custody. One day, my gf’s dad confronted his daughter to either leave the house to be with me or he’ll abrogate our friendship and stay at their house ????.

My lady didn’t give out any feedback and the father ordered his own daughter to leave the house by throwing away her belongings for being in a relationship with me. The baffling issue is that I’ve not and never wronged this man one way or the other. In fact I’ve not had a personal encounter with him before but he dislikes me so much. The most painful part is that, I got to know the lady as a result of her irresponsible behaviour by flirting with the town boys and the rest. I felt a sharp pain in my heart for seeing her in such kind of act.

She disclosed to me how her dad has not been responsible for taking care of her. Well I couldn’t take her off my eyes and I chipped in to polish her up for the better. I welcomed this lady to my residence whilst she was been thrown out from their family home and she stayed with me for almost a year.

When I was about to complete my service, I told her about my plans of going back to Accra to manage a family hostel business so she should search for a new place so I help pay for an advance rent for her. I went to Accra before coming back for my personal belongings. So in my arrival back to the district, this lady told me of her new place and I gave her all the items she can used as a life starter and I took a few of my stuffs. Not withstanding that her family members have gone in for an apology for not listening to her dad and it worked.
NB: I was glad it happened like that.

So this lady took the money for her rent and the stuffs without going to rent but I wasn’t bothered. I’m still in a relationship with this lady upon all the misfortunes that happened from her dad’s end. I’d do my best as a responsible guy to her and even planning of operating a very big supermarket. I’ve been doing my house chores and I’m not worried that much. Though it hurts but I understand the situation.

This lady has also developed an attitude of disrespect and sometimes talk wack. We sometimes involved ourselves in a banter (serious argument), split and reconcile a day or more afterwards.

I love her so much, her dad has been our obstacle. Her dad’s perception is that my absence in the district has ended our friendship but we’re going out secretly. She’s known to my parents, my siblings and the rest but her mom and other relatives are aware of our ongoing relationship but her dad doesn’t want to hear even my name nor my personality.

I’ll soon turn 26 and for how long will I hesitate myself from my lady’s dad and even to bring out our relationship and to even plan more for it. Should I walk out or what??? Her dad can turn down my proposal when I go there to seek his daughter’s hand in marriage together with my parents. The most interesting part is that my mother has no idea about what’s happening and she sees us to be cool with everything.

Please help a brother on what to do with this situation and I’ll be reading your feedbacks!! Grazie CIAO????

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