Her Boyfriend Wants to Marry Another Woman


God bless you for the good job you are doing to help some of us.

I never thought I will one day come to your inbox but I am here now. I don’t know if I need advice or I should go straight ahead and kill myself.


I live outside Ghana and I met one gentle guy, Mr X, over here. He’s 36 whiles I am 28 years. I used to live in the same house with he and four other gentlemen but I regarded them as my big brothers. Around May 2016 Mr X proposed to me but because I regarded him as my brother I didn’t give in. As we became friends, he convinced me not to see him as my brother since I wasn’t part of his family for me to classify him as one. l thought over it and gave him a chance in September 2016.

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Along the line I became pregnant for him in February 2018. When I told him about the pregnancy, he immediately told me to abort it but I refused. I insisted that I will keep the child but, he gave me the  option to either give birth without his consent or take care of the child alone without even telling anyone that he was responsible. I couldn’t help but tell one of my friends about it. She came to the house to have a conversation with us but he still stood on his ground and repeated what he said to me earlier. I had no choice then to kill my own child.

The most annoying part was that, he opened his mouth and told me that he wasn’t ready for a child then and even if he was I wouldn’t be the one he would have a child with but rather his ex. (He’s always told me that he doesn’t have anything doing with her. The said lady is also out of Ghana but in a different country). That statement really hurt me up to now but he apologized and I forgave him. We were still together but Auntie now the worse happened just yesterday and I don’t know what to do.

Before I go into that, I lost my job two weeks ago so I am home searching for another one. As I am talking to you now I am 10 weeks pregnant but when I told him about it, this time he told me to keep it. I was very happy that I will be having my own child very soon.




Back to what happened yesterday. His phone rang and it was his best friend and he went out to receive the call.  I was also in the room talking with my best friend on phone and watching movies at the same time so he thought  I wouldn’t hear anything from his conversation but I heard everything.

His friend first asked him about his ex and from his response, they’re still in contact and even planning to get married next year. Mr X then told him that I am his biggest problem now because I am pregnant again. This friend told him to let me abort it but he replied because of how bad I felt when he told me to abort the first he can’t ask me to abort this one. And also he doesn’t know how to tell his ex too because she might get crazy and leave him

His friend then advised him to add the medicine to food or water and give it to me secretly since I am not ready to abort it. When it happens like that I will take it as miscarriage. Mr X then told his friend to bring his voice down because I might get to hear everything. He didn’t know I had already heard everything from behind him. After he ended the call I confronted him. He laughed over it and said I should leave his friend out of it.

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The sad thing is that, before this very incident one of the guys he came with from Ghana told me that I shouldn’t put it in my mind that his brother will ever marry me because he is just using me to look for someone better than me. But because he was drunk when he said that, I didn’t take him serious but not knowing he was alerting me.

Auntie I haven’t slept since yesterday but my guy is rather lying here comfortably sleeping. I feel so hurt and sad. I don’t know what to do now. I am losing it.

I need advice before it’s too late.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Why do we women always allow men to rule our lives all the time . Why do we behave as they hold the key to our lives . You made first mistake and you didn’t learn any lessons okay you can take your life and that would be simple for him to marry the exxx

  2. My dear dnt kill yourselve for any man..your parents dnt deserve to go through pains just bcos a man didn’t c your value.things like this happens all the time.i was once a victim .i saw the signs early just as he showed you buh am sure you were so in love so you ignored.buh for me I left before the worst could happen.all I can say is you can keep the child buh pls dnt end your life and more importantly dnt force him to marry you .let him go and Marry who he want . I must admit it will be will render you lots of slpless nyts buh God is in control and he wnt let you go through it all alone..just pray and c God work wonders in your life

  3. Aaaaahhhh sis why do u still want to be with someone who is ready and willing to kill u? Pack ur things and leave b4 the worse happens, but were u expecting him to admit to the plot? Mad.wake-up u don’t need angles to tell u he doesn’t want u.

  4. Yes, you will feel like killing yourself but trust me, you have to live for this baby and he will come and beg you on his knees in future. Now the best thing you can do for yourself is you have to breakup with first before he does so that it won’t hurt you more and then find a place and move out immediately, maybe with a friend then find a job. Good luck honey

  5. But why did u still stay with a guy who had the guts to tell u in ur face that he’d rather have a baby with his ex and not u….. Eeeiii matters dey. Anyway what’s done is done. Don’t even think of killing yourself it’s out of the equation koraa focus on ur unborn child and try to forget that monster in human form. All the best!

  6. This guy has hurt you enough but please don’t kill yourself because of him. Allow him to go and marry his ex and as for you take care of yourself and the unborn baby.
    Just learn your lesson and leave the rest to God.

  7. Hmmm. It is well. Sister you can poison him waii God will side you ????????????????, that’s if you are faithful or have been faithful to Him.
    Don’t kill yourself that’s foolishness even though it hurt. Or better still keep the child and leave him alone.

  8. Madam the way they are planning to add medicine to your food and water also add DDT and broken glasses to the food u always prepare for him so dat he will also die slowly.And dat his Frnd too u can also invite him to eat some

  9. Obviously you’re capable of raising the child by yourself. Move out & raise your own baby. If he’s willing to force medicine down your throat just to marry another woman then don’t be surprised when he decides to murder you.

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