Her Boyfriend Wants To Disgrace Her.


Hello Aunt Abena. this is the story of a female friend of mine. Maybe a little long but I will try my best as possible to shorten it.

A friend of mine that confides very well in me told me about how her guy had threatened to leak her nudes because she asked for a breakup. What really happened was: the guy is a worker at home whiles the lady is a student with a very busy school schedule because of the programme she reads.

So the guy texted her and she couldn’t reply earlier but blueticked him to reply later only to come back to see series of complaints from her guy. After a while of back and forth, she then told the guy that if he can’t cooperate with that, they should go their separate ways since it’s something which might not end well so far as she’s in school because she might be busy at periods the guy might be free so…

The follow up for her statements was a series of threats and curses from the guy, calling her all sorts of filthy names. The lady resorted to a friend of the guy to talk to him but a screenshot from the guy’s chat with his friend shows the guy threatening to leak the nudes of the lady because she said she’s going back to her ex who didn’t worry her much since he understood her schedules.

The lady tried in anyway possible to apologise so that the guy could spare her nudes but the guy stood his ground on his evil plot. The lady then told me about this. I advised her to report to the police but she said she’s scared the guy might still leak them afterwards plus she was the one that sent the nudes to him in the first place so she might not have any point in reporting the guy.

I have personally talked to someone I trust to report the case on her behalf but I want to know if it’s a good step I took.

Written by East@Edito468

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