Her Behaviour Is Getting To Me.


Good afternoon auntie Abena, I came across this page only a day ago and I have enjoyed reading paa. I have an issue, maybe it’s not an issue but I want you and your fans to advice me on it. I have been married for about two years with a 5 month old daughter.

Before our wedding, my sister-in-law (who is older than my husband) and I were so close and she helped me decide on a lot for my big day! Though I didn’t take most of her advice because my style was different from hers. Right after the wedding I heard lots of rumours that she insults me to people outside but I never for once bothered because they were rumours.

She will be so nice to me when we meet in person, so I became careful with my words and actions around her . Fast forward after the wedding she asked my husband if I was pregnant and my husband said he doesn’t know because I have not told him anything then she replied by saying, “eii why wont you tell me the truth, I’m I a witch?” so he ignored her. (my husband told me when he came home.)

Around that time I was pregnant and did not also know because I was still seeing my period. I later found out I was pregnant and only told my husband, my mother- in-law and my parents. My mother-in-law told me not to tell anyone not even my sister-in-law, I found that strange but still obeyed. My husband on the other hand did not tell her. Then COVID19 happened so I was home throughout except when I visited the hospital. My sister in-law used to call my husband, they talk and say bye without her asking of how I’m doing.

This isn’t usual of her because I used to call her until she made me feel she didn’t need my call, she won’t even talk when I called her so I stopped calling. I told my husband about it and he told me to stop calling her. God being so good I gave birth successfully to a healthy child. My husband then told her I had given birth via text within the same hour the baby arrived, in fact he announced to family and friends via text. Calls of joy came in from every angle but my sister in-law only replied “congrats”

My baby is 5 months old and she still hasn’t called or visited and has also stopped calling her brother. When baby was about two months, I had two friends who would usually call me to tell me the insults my sister-in-law was raining on me in a market ! (With such calls I always respond “okay” , “hmmm”, “mati” ) I noticed these two always got the gist and started wondering why they are always coming to me with what my sis-in-law said about me so for my peace of mind I blocked these two “friends”.

I have reported my sis-in-law to both my parents-in-law and my husband but they said I should ignore her but I’m really bothered because I know from the depth of my heart I have never stood anywhere to speak against her or offended her in anyway. I even told my parents-in-law to talk to her if I have offended her then I will apologize but they keep telling me to ignore her. I’m I over thinking? How have I wronged her? lol

Please kindly alert me when you post thank you.

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