Heartbreak – I Ended Up at a Wee Base


Good evening. Hmm this nite, I am really worried errr. It’s about my boyfriend. This guy has really showed me pepper.

We have been together like 5 years. Auntie Abena sɛ anka ɛyɛ school aaa anka m’ayɛ Graduation ayɛ service awie (if it had been a university course, I’d have completed and finished doing my national service by now).

Recently, I had the feeling that he is cheating on me. He was here with me for 4 years but got transferred elsewhere this year. I went there secretly without telling him. It’s when I got to his area that I called that I’d decided to pay him a visit.

This guy made me wait for more than 2 hours before coming to pick me up. At first, anytime we met, he’d tell me “I’ve missed you” and give me a hug but this time all that had changed. I demanded for a kiss and a hug but he didn’t want to.

Also, at first, we usually swapped phones. We trusted each other so I could use his phone and he would use mine. I asked for his this time and he said no. Why? I had to force him to get it.

When I did, Awurade saaa (Lord! Not knowing) he had gotten a immigration officer bi oo ???? he’s dating.

I wept the whole of yesterday that I did all night Crying Service. I told him to choose between me and her and he said he can’t choose oo.

Auntie Abena I don’t know what to do oo. After leaving his house I entered into a bush so that when I cry no one will hear me. Not knowing ɛyɛ (it’s) wee base. It’s only God who helped me in the bush oo. ???? I have cried my eyes out and tried to forget about him but I can’t oo. Please let your fans help me out.

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Written by Abena Magis

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