He Was With Me But Married Her. (Part 2)


I was scared and panicked when I saw him melting into bone. It got so mad that I sent someone to get the house keys from him, blocked him, and told him it was over. I’m not sure why this argument seemed different. Not like the others, but I stayed away from him for a month. Literally without sending a text.

On March 6th, I saw a photo of him at a funeral with his ex-girlfriend and a few members of his church. Something didn’t sit right. But I thought it was amusing that she was up under him. All of his photos with them in a group, she is on one side, and he is on the other. I call him and ask what’s going on there; he says it’s a funeral if that’s what it takes to get my attention. I sent her a message just in case, saying, “Listen, if he’s flirting with you, it’s because we’re mad at each other right now,” but I always come back. Further-more I will be back this month.

She didn’t respond, but I saw that she read it. I assumed she told him, and she swallowed whatever he gave her to chew. They got married on the 20th of March, 16 days after I sent that message. Not without a fight from his parents, who refused to accept it and refused to listen to him. Four months before his wedding, he introduced me to them remember. He apparently persuaded them, and they went to represent him, which is another hot topic by itself.

A few of his Accra family members did not attend because everyone was shocked; he kept it a secret, his best friend heard it on the church monitor one week before it happened. Who does this? I found out about the wedding because his wife posted pictures online thanking everyone who attended.

Our photos are still on his Facebook page, but he doesn’t have any of theirs, he didn’t even like a pictured of hers or made a comment under any of their wedding day. Grown as I am, I congratulated him, and he said he didn’t want it to turn out this way, that he is sorry, and that he asks that you forgive him. When I asked him why, he replied that his parents and I would never understand. I mentioned to him, you know you can say you love her. You have the right to say it, she is your wife.

He said, without answering the question, “God knows what was in my heart.” I asked if it was because the church told you that you had to leave and you had nowhere to go. He has not responded either. I’m now in Ghana and staying in an apartment; I don’t even want to go to my own house site. I feel like everyone is aware. When it comes to the house, we did everything together.

He claimed that no one knows that he didn’t tell any of his friends there that he was getting married, and that he doesn’t wear his ring. After a month of marital bliss, he begs me to tell him where I’m staying. He is begging to see me like a puppy dog. It’s difficult not to have him hold me, eat breakfast with me, laugh with me, and talk with me. Two years were wasted.

Some say he returned to her and this time she locked him up with Juju quick, but I don’t believe that. Some said he needed a place to lay his head right away, and she might have a nice place, while others said an old fire stick is easy to catch. Some even went so far as to say, he wanted to prove to the church he got it together and they can’t look down on him anymore. I believe he is a man, and some men sometimes act first then think.

In her case, I told her I’d be there the month of her wedding, he would come back to me, and we are mad for a while. Now I have complete control over her happiness. Now the question is, if she didn’t care about my feelings when she walked down the aisles 16 days after reading my text, why should I care about her?

I’ll screw him whenever I want if I want. Let’s see who has the last laugh. Some may say that this has been going on for a while; others may argue that it hasn’t, but every time I visit Ghana, I go to the church where they both worship. So she was fully aware that we were together. Why has all this occurred in the last 2-4months take it or leave it? Please don’t talk about covenant, because she knew exactly what she was doing. Marrying is just one thing, keeping her husband is another.

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