He Was Two Timing Me And I Have Fallen For Him Now.


Hi Abena, please keep me anonymous.
I met my boyfriend in first year. He was a friend of a friend. I would normally just say hi when we meet. Fast forward third year he called me. I didn’t even have his number then but he introduced himself and said he was just checking up on me. I told him that’s nice of him to check up. He called about 3 or 4 times before I saved his number on my phone. So normally we would just say hi on whatsapp. Until final year December.

He sent me those random whatsapp messages where they ask you to choose a number. And reveal what’s behind the number. He sent me the answers first so I intentionally chose one that said I had a crush on him. Note: I didn’t.
But right then he texted back asking if I was serious and I said yes. And he told me he had also been crushing on me but didn’t know how to tell me. At that point I wasn’t dating and I was looking forward to meeting someone. I was like well if he likes me maybe I can give him a chance. Plus he is actually good looking. Lol

January we started dating, he would come to my room, spend the whole day with me sometimes. And then Vals day came, I asked him to come around. I had something for him. I got him a Vals Day present. But my boyfriend gave me excuses, that he had to send his thesis to his supervisor and all. I told him I just wanted to see him. But all my efforts to get my boyfriend to come was in vain.
He didn’t come but sent my roommate money to get me pizza. I was so bored I didn’t even eat the pizza. Next day early in the morning he was at my door. He apologized and I forgave him. I gave him his present and he thanked me and left.

About a few weeks later I got a strange text message on my phone from an unknown person.This person claimed to be a friend of my boyfriend and that she wanted to know more about me.Of course I didn’t reply. Until another text came that caught my attention. It read “if you won’t mind me, I just want you to know you are dating my boyfriend too” I immediately sent a screenshot to my bf. He just said I shouldn’t mind the person. I couldn’t concentrate. All sorts of wild things were going through my head. I called him to come after lectures so we can talk. He came and told me it was his ex girlfriend.

Abena, prior to us becoming a thing I used to see him and this same girl together. I even used to tease him with her. But when I asked he said they were just friends. He said they are always together cos they were in the same class.

Back to the story. I asked, I thought you said you were just friends. He now told me that they tried dating but it didn’t go well so they decided to stay friends. And that I shouldn’t mind her that’s how she is.
I listened and decided to forget about it.
Now this lady can call me and ask if my boyfriend is at my place and all. Later she texted me again to apologize, she said they were dating but they broke up 4 months . So I asked how long did they date and she said 3yrs. 3 yrs ooo. But my boyfriend made it seem it wasn’t anything serious.

So I called him that I needed to talk to him.
I asked, the lady said you dated for 3 yrs was she telling the truth and he said yes.
I sat him down and told him 3yrs relationship is not to be thrown away. If he made a decision too quick with me I can understand, because even though I had started having feelings for him, it’s was still early. I would be broken hearted but I will heal so he should go back to the girl if he still wants her. I wouldn’t hold any grudges I would totally understand.
But he told me No. He had decided to stay with me. Because for that 3 yrs with his ex has been on and off.

He needed change and he had made up his mind to be with me, and that he and his ex were over. I shouldn’t listen to anything that she says. So I told him okay if that is what he wanted then fine I will be with him. All this while the only time I had been to my boyfriend’s place was when school reopened fresh and not enough people had even come. After that any attempt I made to visit him failed. I remember one time he visited me and I went to see him off to his hostel, when we got there he left me at the gate and told me to go cos I have already come far.

So I decided to pay him a surprise visit one day. I went there very early one Saturday morning. I knocked and he opened, he was still sleeping so I went inside. He said he wasn’t really well. He wasn’t expecting me. Few minutes later his ex girlfriend enters the room with her night wear. She sees me but ignores me. She gently pulled the clothes from his head and greets him good morning.
Asked for something and left. My boyfriend said nothing. So I got up and left heard him calling me from behind but I ignored him.

Later he came to my place to apologize that he didn’t know how to tell me. That he wanted to move out but considering we will be living school in May. I should just give him up to that time. Cos he doesn’t know how to get rid of her. Because of that he spends most of his time in class rather than the hostel. The lady keeps worrying him but he didn’t want me to be worried that’s why he didn’t say anything. Hmmm

He and his ex were practically living together. How foolish of me. All the time he prevented me from coming to his hostel it was because of her. Things started to make sense, Vals Day. Leaving me at his gate. Not wanting me to ever come there. All this time he was living with her.

Please what should I do? At this time I’m completely in love with him. I don’t know what to do.

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