He Wants to Give Him a Foreign Name


Something is eating me up and I need help from your August fans. I am married to a man from an Osu family who bears an English surname. When we had our son seven years ago, I explained to my husband that I didn’t want an English first name for him so that his name wouldn’t become something like Solomon Vanderpure or something like that. Instead we could have Nii Aryee Vanderpuje or something similar. My husband agreed. We gave him a typical Ga name for a first born son, added “Adom” to it and then, their English surname.

Today after seven years, my husband just woke up one day and said he doesn’t understand why our boy, who is now seven does not have an English name so he is going to give him one. No matter what I said, he would not agree, and says he is going to choose one for him because he is the father.

I’m very hurt. I don’t mind if this even brings a separation because I’m very particular about names. I have called his elder brother to talk to him, suppose this does not work, how do I resolve this? Where do I seek legal redress and which channel do I use? Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Am very surprised a foreign name can lead to separation in marriage mean while when the child grows up he can choose to change the name give to him or not.
    My dear please don’t worry your head about it .

  2. Please and please… Having two English names doesn’t mean anything the only important thing is that English names have good meaning so just let it go and have a happy marriage.
    Things can’t go your way all the time…. Sometimes you may win and sometimes you may lose

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