He Wants to Compensate Me for Wasting My Time


I met a guy on a social site last year 31st December. He showed interest and we started dating in January. In that same month a travelling (work) opportunity came my way but he told me not go and leave him and that he will give me money start business which I agreed.

He decided to buy items for our marriage with his own money in that same month. He decided to prepare before he comes for the list whiles I was still jobless which he told me he had no problem with that. After a month, issues started popping up but was settled every time it rose. In our fourth month I was still jobless and we had an issue of which he told me to forget about the marriage. I respected his decision and asked him to come for his items but he didn’t.

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A week later the issue was resolved and everything went on smoothly. After exactly two weeks in our fifth month we had an argument, he barely understands me and take everything i say wrong. This time around he repeated the same thing saying I should forget and that he won’t marry me again so, I then asked him about the business he promised me. He then told me he will sort me out.

The next morning I received a mobile money of GHS1500 with a message saying I should make the items ready and that he will be coming for them in the evening. Please should I release the items to him and accept the 1500 cedis for wasting my time, wasting my opportunity traveling outside? Should I let him go or I should reject it and let God deal with him?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. In the first place why did you decline an offer to travel outside just because a guy you “just met” told you not to???? If you had your own job doing I don’t think he would be doing this

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