He Wants to Buy My Sister’s Baby


My sister needs your fans’ advice. There is a couple living outside the country. The woman is a white lady married to a black man.

They need a child but the man can’t produce. He needs a child to take care of his property in the near future but doesn’t want to explain the problem to his family members.

The thing is, he man come across my sister on Facebook and told her that he wants her to get pregnant with her guy or whomever without telling him so that he will collect the child and pay my sister for the child. (He’s buying the child from her).

He is ready to offer anything. My sister is scared to give out her child but the man too is pleading. He said even if he has a child with the white lady, she will never allow them to come to Africa.

He even said after giving birth, my sister can decide to marry him or not but should know he can’t give birth. He keeps telling her he seriously needs a child but wants a lady who can get pregnant and go and deliver at his parents’ house so that they will believe the child is his.

My sister is thinking about accepting the offer but thinking of the negative side too. If she’ll do this, how much do you think she should receive for doing this? If she won’t do this too, how can she help the man since he’s trusting her with so many secrets?

Please any insult accepted.

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Written by Abena Magis

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