He Wants the Son He Abandoned


My story is a long one though but let me cut it short. How do I even start? About 2 weeks ago the father of my 3 year old son messages me that he wants to come for him to spend about a month’s vacation with him. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea though but I had a sleepless night.

Abena, this guy abandoned us in my 8th month of pregnancy. At first, I thought things were bad but it became worse.

My sugar level and protein were all ++++ by my 9th month. I nearly had a stroke and my legs especially my left leg still pains me terribly since then.

Apart from refusing to be there for me, he refused to show up during my son’s naming ceremony. I gave my son the name he brought though. All I wanted was for my son to have a fatherly love but it never came. He doesn’t support my boy and I’ve been the one taking care of her till now. In fact, he has visited where we stay just once.

Fast forward, I called my elder sister to inform her. She said it was not a bad idea but I should inform my father. He was furious and I understand. I also informed my brother but he told me the boy was too young and even by law, custody starts from 5 years.

Auntie Abena, how do I approach this issue? Should I continue to single handedly in my condition care for him till he’s old enough to go to his father? How do I calm my father down since there’s so much anger in him.

Some time ago, my ex’s mother came to insult me, my father and family. There has been no apology from him or her. all he wants is his son now. Also how do I relax my mind because his calling me brought so much pain. How do I handle everything?

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Written by Abena Magis

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