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Sister Abena, please keep me anonymous. I have a question, especially for your lady-followers.

Why is that ladies/women see sex as something about just the vagina to be given to a man, for the man to enjoy? Especially if it is not a matter of love? So they say things like “he had sex with me.” or ” I let him sleep with me.” or “he just wants to fuck me.” Hardly will you hear “we had sex.” or “we fucked.” or “we made love.” to connote something both parties mutually agreed to enjoy, and share equal responsibilities in making it very exciting/pleasing for each other.

Even more confusing for me is, when women have transactional sex with men, and the men underperform, they complain. Why? Isn’t their endgame either money, some favour etc? Why should the lady be bothered about the man’s ability to satisfy you if all you want is some kind of favour from him? The sex was for him and not you.

Also, I know someone will say I’m only thinking this and that’s not the case but the proliferation of sex performance drugs for men, suggests otherwise. Also women tend to go back for more if the sex is good and still expect the favours.

Well, for me, I think men should let women worry about their own orgasms if they see sex as a favour to men. Lmao unless it’s about love; where they are equally involved in ensuring both parties are satisfied (because men enjoy sex beyond ejaculation) and most women know nothing about that.

Still I want the women to tell me why? Lmao.

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