He Wants Me As a Second Wife But I Feel I Deserve Better.


Pls kindly approve this for me.
I’m a 22yrs gal who is currently doing my NSS. I met this guy in 2018 when I was in level 200 at the Technical University. He never made it known to me that he was married and I also came to love him????????. I one day received a call from a strange number which happened to be the wife of the man I’m dating. The lady asked me to meet her so we can talk buh sake of fear and panic, I didn’t. I later confronted him about what his woman told me and he couldn’t find anything proper to tell me than to ask me to wait and complete school so he can make his intentions known to me .

Since I got to know he was married and there was nothing both of us can work out, I decided to move on and I later met one navy guy who showed interest in me after I completed school and I accepted.This navy guy came to pay me a visit….I just don’t know who informed this married man abt the navy guy????. He came n met him in my room and the kind of display this man portrayed eeeeh??? I got shocked. He started making confusion with my new guy (navy guy) to the extent that he fought with my new guy and later pulled a knife at him in my room ooo????????.

I really got scared and shouted for help.This man later left my room with the navy guy’s uniform and his ID cards. hmmm, I later reported the case at the police station and since that day was Friday, they told me to go and come back on Monday. So people later called him and begged him before he brought the guys stuff back to my hostel. I couldn’t follow up on the issue again since they said Monday.

My mum asked me to bring the issue home so we can solve it but this navy guy too gave up on me since I couldn’t follow up on the issue ????. My family later called this married man to ask him how the whole incident happened buh this man after his explanation made his intention known to my family that he wanted to marry me becuz the wife isn’t able to give birth ever since they got married and it’s a whole lot of issues btwn he and the wife but that isn’t my business anyway.

And since that wasn’t the best way to pay him back after he assisted me to complete school, I later got back to him again ????????
One Sunday, he was at my hostel when the wife came there. I didn’t know how she got to know my place tho. The husband was asleep and since I didn’t want people to hear us, I asked the lady to come inside my room and she met the husband on my bed asleep. I left both of them in the room and left to my friend’s hostel.

I later came back and met nobody. The husband later called to apologise and his discussions were too plenty for me to discuss here. I told my family about the lady coming to my place. So my family went to see the guy’s family and told them they won’t allow me get married to their son since he is married already and they should also talk to their son’s wife not to ever step her foot at my place again and in case anything happened to me too, they will hold her responsible.

My problem is, this man said he has made his intentions known to his wife that he wants to go in for a second wife (which is me) and the wife has accepted it, buh he doesn’t have time for me. He hasn’t slept at my place evening time before, I just don’t want to be his second option too cus he has done court marriage already with the wife and I think I also deserve better.

He is not willing to let me go, he doesn’t want to let go of the wife too. What pains me most is, I can call him severally and he won’t answer or return my calls either. He is always with his wife anytime he closes from work buh he claims he loves me and me too I’m just being too stupid and being faithful to him????????.

He always comes to pick me in the morning for work buh I have made him stop picking me cuz I’m coming back to my senses????????……the wife has been calling me almost all the time too. Meanwhile I had access to the husband’s phone and found out it wasn’t me alone that he is even dating ooooo…

Three weeks now, he called and later said he will call back and he hasn’t called back. He has been doing it but I always call back the next day. But for this time around, I haven’t called him again till today cus I want to move on with my life…. I’m just sick n tired of he and the wife, I want to move on with my life buh how do I do it???

I seriously want to move on without him cus I’m no longer interested in the relationship. My fear is he won’t let me have my peace of mind cus he is more than a spiritual husband????????????….I’m too young to be facing this shit pls advise me wai na I’m just confused with my life???????????????

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