My Abortion Story – He’s Not Ready to Talk to Me


I have a case I want to talk about. My baby daddy got me pregnant and asked me to abort it. He threatened that if I don’t abort it he won’t be in the child’s life in any form or way. I went ahead and had the child.

My family went to see his family and they named the child but I no child support of any sort from him. My family too didn’t ask for anything from them but only asked him to be responsible for the child.

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After our meeting, he didn’t do anything so I texted him and he replied by telling me to go to his family to support me since he said he wasn’t ready but I rather decided to keep the pregnancy against his wishes. His family didn’t do anything.

Fast forward the child got very ill and almost died. I went to almost all the hospitals within Accra. I was very drained so the last place I went I called him and he still didn’t mind me so my family helped to pay for bills and buy medication. When she was of school going age, I called him again and still same the story.

My business run down so I had to take her to my mum who got a lawyer to summon him to pay child support. He called me names and didn’t do anything. I had to do all I coulf to make sure she is ok. Now she is 7.

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Fast forward, after ignoring his daughter for so long, he finally called my mum to talk with her and the child. When I found out I was furious but was adviced to let things go and let’s see the way forward. This guy hasn’t spoken to me in over 3 years now, and I heard he is out of the country.

Because he got the chance to be talking with the child now, all of a sudden he wants to file for the child to come live with him. My mum asked him to talk to me about it and he got upset. I told my mum i wanted the child to live with me now and again I heard he rather wants the child with him or his family.

Mind you he doesn’t want to talk to me ever again. It’ll be over ny dead body to send the child to him. Please I want your experienced fans to help me judge the matter if I’m wrong. I had the child through cs and took care of the pregnacy all by myself yet this guy has insulted me using words that touched my soul. I don’t want my depression to make me hurt the child too. I need help.

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Written by Abena Magis

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