Bad Experience- “Military Guy” Tried to Scam Me


On 22nd June 2020, I was there when a guy WhatsApped and mentioned my first name. Surprised as I was, I asked him who gave my number to him.

He said I gave it to him 3 years ago when we met in Kumasi. I told him that I don’t remember giving my number to someone like him. He then introduced himself to me as a captain in the millitary and attached his picture to it. He sent a pic of him in uniform to me so I was kind of calm. I thought someone in the armed forces wouldn’t be a scam.

We started chatting almost every day and he finally proposed within a month. I accepted his proposal since I was currently single. He told he had been out of the country for 3 years and currently was in Lebanon on operations. We spoke almost everyday because he’d call me for us to chat.

We had video chats and nothing showed that he wasn’t a millitary man. He always told me how much he loved me and wanted us to marry me as soon as he came home. I asked him about his profession in the military and he told me he is an engineer but if I sometimes read his chats well, I noticed a lot of grammatical errors.

Me too, I am the type who is smart and doesn’t really trust strangers, so I started doing my own personal investigations about him. I have 2 military friends so I sent his pic to one of them to check his name on the GAF payroll.

My friend told me that his name was not on the payroll so there was no way he could be a military personel. I doubted my friend but later I just accepted it and decided to just be careful around this guy.

I confronted him on that issue. He became defensive and asked me that who told me his name is not on their payroll? I then decided to play along and watch what his motive sas.

One night, he sent me a video of some parceled items, claiming they were cocaine and that he and 2 other snr officers were smuggling them into Ghana to sell. That they went for operations and seized those items from some thugs. Immediately, my instincts told me what the end of the story will be but I still played along

Another time, he called me that he will be returning soon so he was going to town to get some stuffs for me. He sent me videos of some of the stuffs but I sat down and analyzed the video several times. Though it didn’t look real to me, I still kept quiet.

Some weeks later, he sent me another message that the items he shipped are in Ghana but he needed 10 thousand Gh cedis to clear it. He said one of his friends had also been arrested so if he didn’t clear the items fast, the person might mention his name and he will be in trouble.

I laughed because na I already knew it will get to this stage. I told him plainly that I don’t have that amount and I have not even seen that amount before. When he realized that I was smarter than he thought and he couldn’t dupe me, he blocked me (till date)

That money he requested is actually peanuts to me. I could have given it to him if he were genuine but I knew he was a scammer. I was just playing along.

All I want to tell young girls is to be careful of the kind of men they entertain because there are a lot scammers in town. He blocked me because he couldn’t dupe me and till date he hasn’t called again. When you see his picture, I swear nothing will make you believe he is not a soldier.

All the 2 pics he sent me were pics of him in uniform. So I then asked my friend that, if he is not a soldier, where did he get the uniform? It was there that my friend told me it could be photoshop.

The pics look so real that nothing will make you suspect it could be fake. Young girls should be really careful. As to how he got my number, it still baffles me. Let’s all be vigilant

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Written by Abena Magis

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