He Took a Sex Video While I Was in Uniform



This is a really true story about me. It’s about how some guys secretly record you while having sex with you. Hmm.

Way back in nursing training, I used to have a boyfriend who stayed just near the schoo and would sometimes visit him within classes. I once visited him during break time before the next lesson, I was in my uniform. When I went he said he was horny and asked me for a blow job.

Though I was still in my uniform, this guy didn’t care and still secretly recorded me while I was giving him that blow job. He was actually holding the phone but I never thought he was recording. After that I went for my next class.

A few days later, I was at his place but needed to make an urgent so asked for his phone but this guy declined. I had to insist and since the relationship was kind of new he gave in. I don’t know what happened but I just went to gallery and all what I saw were naked ladies pictures. As I scrolled down I saw my own video.

Auntie Abena I was speechless. I went out of his room and he kept on begging. I ran back to me hostel crying. My mistake is that I didn’t delete the video. He called back begging and telling me he had deleted the video. I went back the next day and told him I wanted to confirm first.

He gave me his phone and I cleared everything on his phone. That was the end of our relationship.

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Written by Abena Magis

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