He Thinks I’ve Cursed Him


I want to share something that happened to me. My ex wants to pacify me because he thinks I’ve cursed him.

We dated when I was doing National Service. He was a permanent employee at the same place. Though I was a service personnel, because of the department I found myself in, money wasn’t a problem. I did everything I could in my capacity to support this guy. All the friends he had then warned me to advise myself. But I no hear any of them.

Fast forward, I was retained after service so I became a full staff member. He started cheating and doing all you can think of. I boldly called him one day and asked him would he be happy, if his son also put up the same behavior or if his daughter is also given the same treatment he was giving me. Then nuuu boss got pissed.

He left and the next message that popped up was “since you are advising me to stop following women, I have taken it in good faith but I would like to start with you”

Eiiiiii saa? (Really) I thought it was a joke but it became reality. 2 weeks later, I was at home when he came to apologise for everything he had done. Not for us to come back ooooo but to be forgiven. Tears were just dropping as he talked. The only thing I told him was that I give everything to God.

2 months later he got married ????????. Eiiiii saaa na wiase te3. (Is that how this world is) I’d deprived myself from all the chances to upgrade myself to support him to do his. Only to be given this nice parcel after everything.

Though it hurt, I decided to go back to school. My first degree was bagged and followed with my Masters after. I continue with professional. Opana was now trying to help the wife get enrolled through mature application.

We are in the same institution and my office is more or less a customer service so I see him almost everyday. Now he has been married for more than 7 years. No child. Wifee is not working. Dr. says they are all fine. Wow so what could be the problem?

He started to get close to me which made me hate him more. He tried through people I respect just to forgive him and set him free.????why I be police officer? When he gets the chance I just tell him I hold nothing against him. But truly speaking it wasn’t true.

When I recall everything I did for him the hatred increases. Just 3 days ago I met another colleague that we are all friends with. We were just chatting and his name popped up. My mood changed immedately and I told him God is not through with his friend. Right there this guy started calling. I didn’t pick. He sent a message “I am just calling to check up on you.”

Eiiiii boi.

I was home yesterday when another friend of his called to give him the chance to meet me. I said ok. He called 24 times last night ???????????? I called back this morning and he wanted to meet me. I said ok.

As if opana was around my area because within moments we met. I met him and he was in his car with his pastor. Chai 3y3 bloody. He begged forgiveness for all that he did. After everything I just told him deep down inside my heart I have forgiven him. This guy came with a huge sum of money with eggs and other stuffs just to appease my soul. I said I didn’t need anything from him as he knows. I am very ok.

Why this long writing?

It’s because it’s also an advice to everyone reading this.

If you know you don’t have any good plans for someone being it a woman or a man, don’t give the person false hopes. Karma is real but some people like me you can’t hurt and go free.

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Written by Abena Magis

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