He Tested Her And She Has Failed.

Hi Abena, there’s no need to hide my identity. She is NOT my girlfriend. We are just friends for years now. We are very close to the extent that, she hardly hides things from me. When she needs something like money or you know ladies with their stuff, I do give it to her. But I decided to test this lady to see her honesty.

She was washing her clothes one morning when I was passing by to work. I jokingly asked her, “eeeiiiii so when are you going to wash mine for me.” She replied, “ooh abi you don’t like people washing for you. But If you want me to wash for you why not?” I said okay, then next week. Fast forward, this is what I decided to do. When I packed the things that she’s going to wash, I intentionally folded one Ghc50 note together with one ghc2 note and placed it in my back pocket. And folded Ghc1 notes five which is ghc5 and placed it in the front pocket of the same trousers.

Meaning the total amount is Ghc57. When she finished washing next morning, she called me to come for the things. And asked her to feel free and bring the things home. When she brought the things, she informed me that, she saw ghc7 in one of the trousers. My response was that, ooh really that’s your bonus. And I gave her Ghc50 in appreciation for helping me wash my clothes.

Please I want everybody to pay attention here. Its been two weeks now, although we are still talking as we used to but the problem here is that, I still did not ask her where is the rest of the Ghc50. Don’t forget, there’s no way she can see the Ghc2 note without the Ghc50 note because I folded them together. And it’s the Ghc1 notes five in addition to the Ghc2 note that makes it the Ghc7 she confirmed seeing in the pocket.

Now the question is, should I ask her or I should leave it so. Don’t forget I’m trying to see how faithful she can be when it comes to money. Not that, I’m in need of that money but it was a test. Thank you.

Thomas Citizen.

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