He Sees Red Flags Over Cohabitation


Good evening and a Merry Christmas to you and your followers. God bless you for the great job you’re doing. I’m really learning a lot.

I want to put an issue over to your followers about a decision I made in a recent relationship. Through this birth month groups, I met a non-Ghanaian who was interested in me although not based in Ghana and is also 13 years older than I am. Communication was good even though he has doubts because of his previous relationships.

I reassured him to stay positive cuz that’s the only way he could get positive results. Fast forward, we started having a normal relationship and it was steady for only 3 days. The only reason it ended on the third day was because he wants to co-habit with me when he comes to Gh. I said it doesn’t sit well with me.

I tried giving him reasons and he seemed to respect my decision until this evening when I tried to establish communication after I missed 2 of his video calls. Honestly on 24th Dec, I was on night shift as a nurse and my ward was packed. I couldn’t take a nap until I got home.

We tried to talk about the co-habitation issue while at work (he was doing night shift at his end too). That was when I realized he wasn’t okay getting his own place when he comes here. Honestly, I was already stressed at work so I had to excuse him so I can focus on work.

I overslept and was even late to work. I missed his video calls and decided to send a voice note so we can video chat later when I settle at work. I carefully gave him details of what happened and his response shows he didn’t believe I was asleep. When I pointed it out to him, all he could say was that I was giving him red flags since yesterday.

So this man actually wants to come and stay with me and because I said no, he wants to move to the next available person. I won’t change my mind on my decision. I just want to find out from your fans if it’s even right for a man to come and stay with a woman. The other way round is what I’m used to.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I moved in with the last person I dated. What she did to me? I left without much left! I left broke, hurt and depressed. I kept contemplating on breakups till she finally insulted me because I helped her. I’m never gonna forget that! And since then, I have sworn never to co-habit again. You dey you there, I dey my there. Visits are permitted, 3no koraaa chale, I go limit am to weekends. What she did to me? Only god knows. I hope she finds this message someday and when sees how I write my name, she will know it is me. Dear, stand your grounds. Let him go. An insecure person is indecisive. He is rather showing, He will give you problems. Live your life!

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