He Says I Like Nagging


I don’t know where to start from but I’m in soo much pains and tears.

So my boyfriend of 1 year told me he has lost interest in me just because I like complaining and nagging and he says I don’t give the necessary respect to him. But this is a guy who has been lying to me several times. Sometimes I feel he is cheating because he hides his phone and all that when texting.

I get confused whether he truly loves me and all that but he treats me well too, spends on me and spreads me but right now I’m heartbroken because of his attitude towards me, and I have come to love him wholeheartedly though he is not treating me well and the line is soo clear I can’t just leave him.

I’m seriously sad and crying I know it’s time to move on because clearly he doesn’t love me anymore. I never cheated on this guy and blocked every guy around him for me.

Please how do I move on completely? How do I get him out of my heart for goodI just need serious advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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