He Says I Dress Like a Teacher


Greetings to you. God bless you for all you’re doing. I seriously need help and I know I will get it from here.

I’m 26 and he’s 30. We’ve been dating for a year now but of late, he’s been giving me some attitude I don’t understand anymore. Everything I do now is not nice to him anymore.

I became worried and asked him what the problem was and he told me my dressing is putting him off. “How?” I asked and he said I dress like a school teacher. Really? He now said I should be wearing short dresses and wear long nails hmmm.

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When he met me for the first time I was wearing a long dress and he fell in love with me. He even told me to be wearing that particular dress when I am coming over to his place so what happened now? Auntie Abena, I am a fashion Designer so I can’t wear long nails.

Secondly I don’t wear too long dresses, at least below my knee but he’s insisting that I wear something which will show my thighs. Something I’m not used to. We planned going to see my people for introduction next month but hmmm he has stopped talking about it. When I asked he said he’s not ready to get married next year ????

Auntie Abena I am beautiful, very hard working and respectful but I feel this guy is done with me. He says he loves me but I doubt it. Please help me with some advice, should I do what he’s asking of me or I should ignore it? Trusting your advice ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My dear the only person you can pleased is God and yourself. Do what you think is good for you and God, you will do everything for them (guys) and they will still leave you for another girl. I think he just want an excuse to break up with you.

  2. My just be yourself and don’t follow what he is saying, If he really love you my he will be happy of your dressings, your beautiful in that way of life so stay focused my dear.

  3. He doesn’t love u 1 bit mpo.
    How do teachers dress? My dear look sharp ooo na unnecessary dressing ll not put food on ur table. Wat is de benefit of long nails n wat has dat gotten to do in relationship not even marriage….. if truly he has vision n wants to plan future with u, de first thing he ll do is to encourage u to do is to concentrate on ur work not nails n short dresses

    Go in for a wise one n leave him alone. He’s seeing another lady

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