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He Says He’s in a 2 Year Contract with His Wife

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Hmmm. Auntie Abena, thank you for all that you’re doing. This situation of mine saddens me but angers me the most. So there was this guy who kept trying to woo me since 2016, I kept on rejecting him but we remained friends. Then in 2019, he came again with his proposal and this time I gave in because honestly the relationship I was in then was nothing to write home about.

When I accepted his proposal he kept making me feel so loved and wanted. He was attentive and also gave an advice when need be. We could talk on phone for hours which I believe grew from the friendship we shared since it was a habit with us. He was so friendly and helpful that I never for once thought he could act that way. So one time, he secretly transferred one thousand cedis to a lady and when I asked he said it was a friend whom he was investing in her business. Mind you this is someone who tells everything to me including his exs and what they did and all that.

I became suspicious and from my findings found out she was an ex. I got angry and felt betrayed because why should he be hiding that particular ex? I wanted to back out there and then of the relationship but he convinced me with sweet nothings and I stupidly gave in. Future occurrences had us arguing back and forth over this same ex who had become his friend with benefits. I incessantly told him I wasn’t happy with his behaviour but he kept filling me with the sweet nothings.

Then he started talking about marriage and I told him I wasn’t ready yet so he should give me about a year. Although we fought about it, at the end we agreed. Then he devised a new plan to get me to marry him earlier than planned, “pregnancy.” Unfortunately that never happened to his displeasure. He kept on with that his ex and I told him that if he doesn’t stop and he impregnates that her it won’t end well with the two of us. Unfortunately for me he broke up with me in 2020.

Deep within me I didn’t want to lose him so I tried my possible best to get him to rescind his decision but nothing could make him change his mind. After some months he came back to tell me he’s married to that very ex. That it wasn’t something planned but he got her pregnant so had to quickly marry her. My God! I was so broken and hurt but I called for it. I knew the end but I stupidly trusted his sweet nothings.

Fast forward to 2021 he’s back again with his sweet nothings. Trying to cut a deal with me that he’s marrying the wife for two years then later divorce her to marry me. Because he has truly regretted his actions and it’s me he loves. But for me, enough with the sweet nothings. Eye clear now. But these sons of Adam never cease to amaze me. That you’re marrying your wife for two years and leave her after to marry another because you think you made a mistake. Hmmm… 

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Written by Abena Magis

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