He Paid My Mum With Evil


God bless you for your good work. I always read your story and hardly comment but I wanna share my mother’s story and it’s similar to that of the man who want to commit suicide.

My mom was 16 years when her big sister let her one year old son in her care. My aunt asked my mom to take care of the baby as she sees her friend off and she never showed up till the boy was 23. My mom had to drop out of school in order to take care him. This delayed her marriage because most of the man thought she got pregnant as a teenager and that he was her biological child until she met my dad.

My mom had a lot of miscarriages because of him and that brought up a lot of marrital issues until she gave birth to me. I grew up thinking I have a big brother but I was wrong.

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There was this one time, he got sick and was admitted. The stress from his sickness alone made my mom lose another pregnancy and that was how my father left us and, he hasn’t showed up till date.

Mommy had a my baby half-brother with another man who was willing to marry her. He was quite rich but started complaining of missing money. When he told my mom he suspected my big bro, she got angry saying he can’t do that. We later found out he was using the money as savings and they took it from him. That man also left my mom because of my cousin

I gained Admission at KNUST in 2015 and he always showed up with some military protocol which cost GHS3,500 that we should pay him to pay. My mom pleaded with me to go to school the following year so she can work on his first because it will be for our own good.

When everything went well for him, he reminded my mom he’s not her son the very day he passed out. Not knowing his mom had been coming around and he was seeing her low key.

On that very day his mother showed up at his passing ceremony, he didn’t even allow mine to take common pictures with him. He goes around telling people how he hates my mom and wish she could die . I couldn’t make it to the university because things are not well with my mom but I am not bothered.

I’m only worried about her tears whenever the issue comes in mind.

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Written by Abena Magis

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