He Missed His Ex


We thank God for you and your fans.
Can your fans help me resolve this?
I met a guy on Facebook last 3 years. O was not giving him much attention till last year. He is not in the country so he came to Ghana last week.

On the first day of meeting, he kept talking about his ex who is soo in love with him but she’d gotten married to another. He also said he can’t forget her breast and butt etc. And that she is extremely beautiful blah blah. He even went far ahead to say he loved her nude pictures.

Auntie I was shocked but I let that slide because he was drunk when he said all that.
Some few days later, I found out he had blocked me on Facebook and went to his ex’s timeline to react “?” to her pictures. When I confronted him, he said I am overreacting and nagging. And that he sees her as a sister.

I said no to many suitors because he assured me he won’t let me down and even made me meet his elder brother but with all these I am very sad and confused.
I am 27 and he is 35.
He is on your page and will read comments.
Please post anonymous.?

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Written by Abena Magis

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