He Made Me Swear But I Want To Leave Him.


Pls would like to share my issue with u for u to post for me
I need an advice

There is this military guy I met when I was in Nursing Training College during my final year. We became friends nd he later proposed to me. I told him I would be happy if we can get to know each other better before we start dating. So since then our communication was on nd off.

Recently, he called me nd was crying nd begging me, so I decided to accept him. He later sent me a message on WhatsApp saying he wants to tell me something of which I told him to go ahead. He started by saying that he has gotten one lady pregnant nd he has been forced to stay with the lady.

So I quickly asked him nd he said a friend of his introduced the lady to himnd even with that they only spoke on phone. So later in the evening on that very same day the Ga lady paid him a visit nd they had sex. I asked him, “Why didn’t u protect urself?” He said the lady told him that she is not a kid, she will buy pills nd drink on her way going home.

In a month’s time he said the lady called nd told him that she is pregnant nd if he doesn’t accept it she will go to the military headquarters nd report him.This guy I’m talking of just joined the military just this year. So he said he had no other choice than to accept it. He requested for a DNA of which he was told that unless the baby is born. So, I asked him that why can’t he be with her since she’s carrying his baby now?

What he said was that, he is suspecting that the pregnancy is not his because he has been hearing the lady talking to one guy of which the guy asked the lady her reasons for giving the pregnancy to my guy. Was it because he is a military man nd the lady said nothing. Sis Abena as at now the lady is staying in one room with this guy.

What worries me most is that, before the guy was about to confess, he told me to swear to him that I will not leave him nd I
to promise to spend the rest of my life with him and I did. Now I want to leave him because anytime I think about it I can’t even concentrate when treating my patients.

I’m really confused. I really need advice now. Please keep me anonymous as you always do for people.

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