He Loaned His Capital to His Family


Good evening. Hope you’re good please. I really need the advice of your followers. I have been dating this guy for some years now

When we met, we both had nothing especially him. Money for food was even a problem for him. Every job he did ended up in debts. One of his bosses made it a police case. I had to give him my iPhone to sell in order to settle his bills with the woman

Life wasn’t easy so I decided to sell clothings online to support us. He felt my idea was good. When I told him he gave me GHS150. The business was very slow because people weren’t buying. Thus it collapsed. Luckily for me, an uncle also gave me some capital to sell recharge cards. I decided to still invest into clothing again and God being so good it went well.

By God’s Grace I began to make money. People would order and I’ll have to get delivery guys to deliver for me. Some were truthful, others weren’t. I told him all these so he told me to get him a motor bike on work-and-pay basis. He would deliver and pay to me. I bought it for him and he did well to pay.

It got to a time business wasn’t good again. Momo business was something he wanted to do so I gave him a capital of GHS8,000 to start it. He took the money and started but left it in the care of his sister. This I disagreed with it because personally I don’t trust family when it comes to business.

Besides you are now starting it. If she squanders the money, you can’t arrest her because she is your sis. He didn’t listen so I told him that if he should ever lose that money, I’m done with him. It’ll just prove he is not ready to make it in life. Auntie Abena, till today this guy hasn’t brought a pesewa home as a profit from that business. When I ask he will tell me business is slow.

Hmmm his dad started giving him pressure to leave his house because he is too old to stay there. He got very frustrated because he didn’t have money. Once again I foolishly decided to help with the rent. The agreement was that he will pay me just like he did with the bike. In short, this guy is now owing me GHS40,000 (four hundred million)

The area he moved to is kinda a new site so there are still empty stores around they want to sell. I asked him to give me GHS5,000 out of the GHS8,000 I gave him for the momo business since he said business is slow. Then I could add the little I had on me to take one of the shops because I wanted to start a wig business

He kept giving me excuses. I gave him cash to deposit into my momo account when he went to the store. I wanted to order some stuff. His sister was supposed to transfer the money into my wallet but I realized it was from a different vendor. That’s when I realized there was no money in his business wallet. The money wasn’t there.

Yesterday he came to me and I asked him where the money was. All that he said were shocking. He said his mom needed a loan to start a business. If she should go for it from the bank and can’t pay the police will arrest her. His sister also needed a loan to decorate her boyfriend’s room!!!

So auntie Abena my boyfriend decided to give his capital ie the money I gave him, as a loan to his family without telling me. I told him he shouldn’t have done that because they won’t pay. That money is gone. He is now making it seem like I don’t want him to help his family.

I’m so hurt right now but I have nothing to say. As for the room he rented, I’ve taken the keys. I’m going to live there. The money I was saving, my plan was to gather enough money over some time to buy a house not rent but I have no choice now

When women decide not to help men, most people don’t want to understand. I only wanted to help him get on his feet. But I have realized he isn’t a man with dreams. I’ve just wasted my GHS40,000 on nothing.

To me this relationship is over like I promised him. I can’t continue to waste my time on an aimless man. Maybe I’m overreacting so I want to know from your fans. He is making it seem like I don’t want him to help his family which to me isn’t the case. I help my mom too but for him to loan out his capital is a no for me.

What I don’t understand is why he gave money to his sister to buy things and furnish the room of your fellow man. Like how ?

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Written by Abena Magis

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