He Lied that He Wasn’t Married


Sorry for coming to your box but I really need help. I’m a lady of 24 years with 1 kid. After SHS I met this man who fell in love with me. I also loved him but the problem is he never told me he is legally married. After I became pregnant, someone sent me a message that he is legally married

I asked this man several times, “are you not married?”

He kept denying it until my son was 2 years before he confessed that truly he was once married. They were divorced but had a baby girl. The truth is I was not convinced that he was a divorcee. Yet anytime I asked him, he became so angry so I stopped asking.

He rented a flat for me to stay in another town. I lived there alone but he often came over to visit. I became pregnant again but unfortunately for me I lost my baby 3days after delivery.

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In fact this man was very caring and did everything to show he really loved me but little did I know they were all lies. He always prevented me from working because he didn’t want me to work for someone.

After having stayed together for close to 5 years, he asked me to marry him which I agreed. We have bought our things for our Traditional marriage but my mum wasn’t happy about it. She also heard the man was a married man. When she confronted him, he still told her he is a divorcee.

His wife somehow got to hear we’re going to get married. She became furious and confronted one of my mum’s elders in their church. The elder also confronted my mum. They said I was taking the woman’s husband and because of me there was no peace in the house. They said a lot of things.

I got her number and called her myself to confirm if she still stays with her husband. She said yes they are still married. There’s nothing like divorce between them. Also her husband was not telling me the truth. She also told me that he also has a child somewhere with a different woman. A child older than mine.

They were finding it difficult to have a baby after getting married. That was when the man had an affair with a lady in their church. When he realized the issue was spreading, he sent the lady to her hometown. I was shocked that he hid all these things from me.

The wife said she even asked her husband about me but he denied and said he has nothing to do with me again. I’m just a small girl he has a child with so he is just catering for his son. Meanwhile it’s a lie. Antie Abena I’m down hearted now. I’m lost in this whole thing. I don’t know what to do again

How to start a new life and where to go because my mum is very angry with me saying I’ve snatched someone’s husband.

Please advise me on what to do now please. I wish to give my son to my mum or his dad so that I can travel outside Takoradi and work in order to start my whole life again. Please let your people advice me and if any of them can help me get a work outside Takoradi please.

Written by Abena Magis

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