He Kept Controlling My Life Until I Found Out His Truth.


Hello Abena greetings to you and the family. Please hide my identity. I’m 24 years of age and working. I have some problems and would like to share with you cox I’m very disturbed and don’t know what to do.

I was dating this guy for 2yrs. recently, I got to know that he’s married, and it was too late for me to walk out of the relationship because I love him. Comparing this guy to my first relationship he was the person who treats me better but my problem with him is that, this guy don’t want me to go out he always keeps me indoors even if I want to visit a friend, he prevents me from going.

The most annoying one is, he always pick up my calls before giving me the phone to talk and what he does is when the caller is a guy or a man he makes sure he insults and threatens them never to call me. He even goes and reads my whatsapp messages which I’m not comfortable about.

Anytime I ask him to stop we end up arguing. I always try explaining myself to this guy but he would never listen and he’s always telling me he wants to marry me and I trust him so much because this guy is soo good to me and my family but I just realized he’s married???? Please help me, I need some advice from you and the family. I will be reading comments. Please, no insults thanks.

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