He Keeps Betraying My Trust.


Aunty Abena, good evening! Please I want to share this story with your fans and get suggestions from them.

I got to know this boy when I won a best student award in my village. The NGO that awarded me also awarded this boy the previous year. It also happened, I got the same school he got. We took each other as brothers and he used to come for my books to study.

We were vacating and they were staying back to complete. He asked me to give him my books and I told him he could take all except the physics book which I would seriously study during vacation since we didn’t have a good physics teacher. And he could also borrow it from the school library. This guy had the key to my trunk so when it was time for me to go I didn’t see the book.

We both searched for it but couldn’t find it. I told my friends who were my seniors to monitor and see who would use it. When we resumed, he brought all the books home and when I asked him, he said someone stole it and he saw it and collected. I asked of the name of the person and he told me it wasn’t necessary.

But my friends told me he was the one using the book and even told them that I was a fool and never serious. I felt betrayed and fooled. I was depressed and my trust started to decline for people.
It happened again that we went to the same university and I was then a senior to him.

I forgave him of what he did to me and used to hand over all my previous handouts and lecture notes to him. I used to teach him as a brother till my younger brother also joined us. This guy refused to give my younger brother his previous handouts and lecture notes. And would tell my brother that, they were torn and spoiled till we got to know that he used to give them to his friend whom my brother happened to do his assignment with. Hmmm.

Now the question is, I am now working at a company that I have an opportunity to employ someone there and this boy is always on my neck asking me to help him employed in the company.

But my instincts are telling me that the second version of Judas is coming.
Should I help him get employment in the same company with me again?
Please I need your suggestions.
Thank you!

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