He Isn’t Making Our Relationship Enjoyable.


Hello Aunty Abena, I hope you and Manofans are doing well.
Please I need advice….

I’m a young girl who was born and bred in Ghana but currently living in USA. I met my current boyfriend in Ghana which we were together for 3yrs before I traveled. We have been dating for almost 6years now. Aunty, to be frank I’m not happy in this relationship because he hardly makes up time for me. He doesn’t call and only prefers to chat me on WhatsApp and whenever I ask him of the reason, he simply says he hates it when the network is poor while we are talking.

I have incessantly complained about his inability to show me how important I am to him in this relationship since he doesn’t give me any attention and time and when I try to call him too it’s either he’s offline or he doesn’t pick. And he always shuns my missed calls. Due to the poor communication, I have threatened to break up with him several times which I do but always apologize and go back to him. I love this guy but he isn’t giving me the same energy. I don’t know if he’s taking me for granted.

I’m so kind to him that I send him money whenever he needs or even when he doesn’t request for it. And there’s a saying that, “to whom much is given, much is expected from” I expect him to appreciate me and return the energy I put into the relationship. I want to end this relationship but I love him and anytime I break up with him too I keep going back to him.

I know long distance relationship is not easy, it demands more work and time but I am gradually losing interest. I’m in a dilemma as to continue being with him or end the relationship because I think he’s not into me. Please I need your advice fellow Manofans!

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