He Is Getting Married Soon.


Good evening Aunty Abena.
I think this doesn’t concern me, but I have been thinking about it since morning…
This morning I went out to buy waakye opposite mambo spot. Before then a guy passed by me and all I heard is, “the girl fool oo” Lo and behold I got to the waakye seller and he was still on phone talking to his friend about this so called girl.

Listening to him carefully, the lady schools at Accra Poly. The lady has a serious boyfriend and this lady told her boyfriend she has exams so she wants to stay on campus and learn towards the exams. That she will be needing money for up keep. Hmm the girl used the money to lodge a hotel which is mambo spot for a week. So the guy was telling his friend about this girl that he has been sleeping with. This girl throughout and therefore that’s the only thing they do.

And he also said he doesn’t have her time because of his wedding coming on soon. People were there but he was just talking even when it was his turn kraa he was talking. Both of them are not serious. Let me end here.

If u are a lady lodging in mambo spot today around 11 am you ate waakye ,gari and macaroni and egg. The guy was in a yellow shirt and black jeans with a little dread, my sister pack and go home. He said you’ll be leaving on friday. You insist on leaving on Sunday but he said he won’t allow u.

He is getting married soon that’s why he didn’t take you home and doesn’t have money for nkwasaisem so that’s why he asked you to use your own. Please post this incase she comes across it…….
Hide my ID please.

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