He Has Changed Completely.


Greetings sister Abena,keep me anonymous.
I have been dating this guy for one year and just last year October he proposed marriage to me, during the preparations I felt very sick and realized I was pregnant  for him.
Due to the pregnancy, we couldn’t go on with the marriage plans and decided we continue after I give birth. 2 months after getting pregnant, he changed a little by not calling me often, answering my calls or getting time for me.
Now I found out he has been posting one very girl on his status just some weeks ago because a friend of his was concerned about my skin color so he got furious when he saw my man with a fair lady.He  thought it was me and sent me the pictures to confirm why I bleached .
I asked him to screenshot my guy’s status for me sometimes since I have been restricted on his end and whenever I complain about he not giving me attention he gets furious with me.
Aunty Abena, Mano fans please advise a sister.
I will be reading your comments.

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