He Gave His Baby Mama and Ignored Me

Last year during the covid pandemic I met a guy on facebook we started chatting and he took my number. He’s not in Ghana so we started as friends then later into a relationship. I was then dating a married man so I quit and dated this guy.

Auntie I opened up to him and he told me he knows the married man. Ever since I met this guy almost a year i haven’t had sex with any other man.

He came to do knocking but anytime we have issues he insults me with my past and even tells me people tell him guys sleep with me at the office and in the bathhouse(toilet)????

He wanted to come down during this festive season but his place is not ready. Auntie,for some months now this guy hasn’t given me chop money anytime I ask he talks about renovation.

This Christmas I asked him how far he told me am not a kid, well I do small jobs. I was told this guy sent money to his baby mama this Christmas(I wasn’t aware) when I asked, he told me he borrowed from his friend to send money to them.

Then i told him you know business isn’t going on well so didn’t you borrow for me as well but you did for your family.

Mano fans I need your advice .

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Mine dear these man has a child with baby mama and has to send money for the child up keep. Bcareful n move out of these relationship cos I don’t think u can marry a single parent.

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