He F*cked Me and Lied


Good day. God bless you and your fans. I am a top fan of your honourable page. My boyfriend lied that he didn’t f*ck me and it’s really bothering me????

Last night, we went out and I took alcohol (darling) which was my very first time. I felt kinda tipsy but my guy thought I was drunk because I added up some drama ????

He brought me home and decided to stay with me. He didn’t go to his house. We’ve been together for a while though.

After some minute he started touching me and stuff. I was wet because I felt his touch so he penetrated (we had s*x). Afterwards, I pretended to be asleep and quietly lay there, watching him dress me up again.

I wore trousers so he closed up the zip, locked the buttons and he slept off afterwards. I wasn’t drunk oooo but I just pretended so as to know ans confirm some of his utterances????

He always tells me any guy that has s*x with a lady who’s drunk is an opportunist and immature. You can therefore imagine my surprise that his words were totally different from his actions ????
After an hour or 2 I woke him up and asked him if we had sex but he said NO????


I was very angry at that moment so I told him I wasn’t drunk, I was only tipsy and saw every bit of his actions. He’s now apologising

It’s not like we don’t have sex sometimes ooo …we do so why will he f*ck me and deny it? Why will a guy do that to his girlfriend??
Guys please why???????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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