He Effed Me Till I Bled


Good afternoon. Please I am a dilemma right now. There is this guy I met in January on Facebook. I was online when he sent me a message, I replied and he started showing interest in what I do on Facebook, then he started proposing to me. I rejected his proposals but he kept disturbing me. I ignored him for awhile until he had access to my number on Facebook. He messaged me on Whatsapp claiming love for me. I was surprised and scared because last year a guy lied to me on Facebook. I told him to wait for a while so we should be friends but he still insisted.

Fast forward he started calling me and I was nice towards him. I told him I didn’t want any relationship that involves sex but he got angry and hanged the call on me. So on the 7th of February he called me at dawn and kept pressuring me for an answer. Months ago, I realized that all the guys that dated me were friends who planned to just come and use me and leave. So I asked this guy if he was part of those guys because I didn’t want to face any more deception from any guy again.

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He kept insisting he wasn’t part so on the 9th of February, I accepted his proposal and he wanted to see me so he came to my house. When he came, he told me he wanted me to come to his house but I told him to wait for a while. He tried to convince me and told me he had a program at his church which he wanted me to be part. Due to the program I accepted to go to his place. I wasn’t okay going there but he came over to my place and took me to his place which was on the 14th of February.

He took me to his church, when they closed it was late so he took me to his room. Auntie Abena, this guy had sex with me as if I was an animal that I started bleeding. Blood was soaked all over the bedsheets and I was still bleeding. When I told him I wanted to go home the next day, this guy told me he had a dream that I was hospitalized when I left his place so I should wait and spend a day before going home. He kept sleeping with me every night and I kept bleeding.

After using me to his satisfaction, he ignore me and treating me like garbage, he wanted me to leave his place. I felt so bad so I ordered an Uber and left his place without his concern. When I got home he called but I didn’t respond. To cut everything short, hd started insulting me that he wouldn’t call me again, telling me he is not interested in the relationship again.

I went to his house and complained to his mother. She told me she is going to talk to him and will even let him call me in front of her. Auntie Abena till today I haven’t received any call. Also I don’t know the reason I was bleeding so much. Why do some guys intentionally do this to people who haven’t done anything wrong to them. Auntie Abena if I don’t get any explanation to why this guy including those guys planned to do this to me, I will destroy their lives.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Hmmmm really bad Sis.
    I can really feel ur emotions.
    Leave everything to God oook na its only God who ll fight de battle for u.
    I want to have a word with u so dx is my WhatsApp line

  2. Eii, u mean men have been using you and later dump you?. 1. U give in too cheap to their proposal. 2. I don’t know if you are aware there’s HIV and STD. 3. U and them all are not xtians. 4. U don’t love urself. 5. Every good gift cometh from above not on Facebook/or social media. U must repent for the end is at hand

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